Cyclist fatality

This Wednesday,  a cyclist was struck  and killed on Warren Road near the Borg Warner plant. Ther are stil no reliable details available about it, the layout of lanes around there has been criticized as a hazard for all cyclists, whether contributing to this particular tragedy or not. Here’s a screengrab from Google maps of the more southerly exit from Borg Warner:


The apparent problem for cyslists traveling south (from the top of the image) is that the shoulder turns and disappears into the factory driveway; there is no obvious line along which to proceed. The only rational solution is to leave the shoulder before getting to the intersection and ride in the main traffic lane until past all the paint and driveways, then merge right across the acceleration lane to the new shoulder of the road. This, of course, would entail seeing and being seen by traffic at many points.

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I initially grabbed an image of the other BW entrance/exit, just a short bit north of this one (image below). I think this one is even more potentially dangerous.



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One Response to “Cyclist fatality”

  1. Norman Adelewitz Says:

    The alternative is to cross Warren Rd. before BW and ride the wrong way against traffic, on the northbound shoulder, avoiding cyclists going the right way on the shoulder.
    This unfortunately sets you up for a ticket for riding on the wrong side of the road.

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