400-mile Greenway Plan

December 12th, 2014 Andrejs Posted in News No Comments »

greenway2This isn’t specific Ithaca information, but it’s a project of such size and importance that I think it will interest most of us. It’s a plan to connect Lake Ontario to Chesapeake Bay with a greenway over 400 miles long. And, while there are and have been plenty of pipe-dream-projects of this kind, this is something that seems to be actually happening, a piece at a time, along the intended route. Below is a report of a meeting held in Pennsylvania recently to plan and coordinate the work. Have a read and maybe start thinking of how we can link Ithaca to that route! The report was sent to us by Allen Kerkeslager, who participated in the meeting.

Dear Friends of NY’s Transportation, Recreational, Tourism, and Natural Resources, Read the rest of this entry »

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Accountability for Ithaca Police Officer harassment of Cyclist

July 22nd, 2013 Daniel Keough Posted in Advocacy, BPAC, Hazards, News, Urban Life 1 Comment »

On July 3, a few days after hearing back from the Community Police Board who had investigated my incident on March 20 of this year, I spoke at the Common Council and our Mayor. Though in this incident where off-duty IPD officer Greg Firman harassed me on my bicycle while he was driving, then body checked, handcuffed and later ticketed me–in this statement at the Common Council meeting I only briefly spoke to our public officials about the driver harassment and the lack of accountability for this off duty officer and the disappointing stance where our Chief of Police told the CPB Officer Firman did ‘nothing out of protocol or procedure’ in that incident.

After what I had to go through that morning at the hands of a member of law enforcement who has been trained to de-escalate situations and protect and serve the public, after getting slammed to the pavement and being a road rage victim, I wonder what would have happened if the on-duty officers showed up to see a civilian on top of me, instead of a member of a protected class. I feel compelled to report and pursue this abuse of power, and one has to wonder if there have been previous unreported incidents. For the good of this community and to protect the good service of the members of our Ithaca Police Department this we need to have accountability for the deliberate, reckless behavior of this officer. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bike Summit at NYBC in Albany

April 30th, 2011 Andrejs Posted in Advocacy, Events, News No Comments »

Last Thursday morning, I biked down to the capitol building in Albany where this year’s “Bike Summit” was to take place.

It was supposed to take place outdoors, at the foot of the magnificent Capitol, where, in past years, we gathered before diving into the dungeons of the Legislative Office Building for our meetings. So, the NYBC staff thought, this year, we should simply hold the event outside in the beautiful burst of springtime. Not this year. This ws the week of deadly storms from the Canadian border down to Alabama, where hundreds of people died in tornadoes and other storm events. Read the rest of this entry »

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For cycling-law-breakers

March 27th, 2011 Andrejs Posted in Bike Ed, News 1 Comment »

Eugene, Oregon, will be instituting a program for cyclists caught breaking the law: instead of fines, learn to do better!

Current diversion programs allow automobile drivers guilty of some types of violations to take safety or other programs in lieu of paying fines. Under the plan, people cited for bicycle-related traffic offenses could avoid fines by attending a three-hour safety course offered monthly by GEARs.

The complete article: Plan Promotes Safer Cycling

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Bicycle tracks

February 17th, 2011 Andrejs Posted in Advocacy, News No Comments »

No, bicycle tracks aren’t just the marks that tires leave on the living room floor. Bicycle tracks are the special bike travel lanes that are separated from motor traffic by some kind of barrier. The cycling theoreticians in this part of the world have long dismissed such things as dangerous, but there’s an emerging body of research and enthusiasm.

An article on grist.com sums up recent thinking (excerpt below):
Cyclists shouldn’t ‘share the road,’ they should have their own

“Montreal, the focus of the recent study, has an unusually large number of cycle tracks Read the rest of this entry »

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New Year’s Eve Ride

December 31st, 2010 Andrejs Posted in Events, News No Comments »

There was only a sliver of ice along the edge of the parking area and the temperature was rising from 45.

It became evident about 24 hours previously that New Year’s Eve day would be a special one — temperatures were rising and the various storm systems that have been harrying travelers all over the continent were still avoiding the vicinity of our sheltered city. In the morning, it was 40 degrees by 9:00 am with blue skies. In short, a day for a bike ride.

About a dozen cyclists assembled behind Gaia, the turtle in Cass Park for a ride through and around Ithaca. From the Waterfront Trail at State Street we wound around Brindley Street, past Wegmans across Meadow Street and made our way to the end of Spencer Road at Buttermilk Falls State Park. After a break to look at the ice-covered falls and pose for a group photo, we headed back along Spencer Road and Albany Street and a jog to Cayuga Street.

Posing for the group shot at Buttermilk Falls

We were headed for the Lincoln Street Diner, a place I had never visited but which had a wonderful reputation as a friendly, neighborhood eatery. And so it was — most of us had a good lunch of breakfast food and coffee.

After the lunch stop, we continued north past Ithaca Falls (truly spectacular with ice and lots of water) to the head of the Cayuga Waterfront Trail by the visitors’ bureau on East Shore Drive. The new trail through Stewart Park was beautiful, swooping along the lakefront and passing over the new bridge structures toward the municipal golf course, and eventually to the Farmers’ Market. At our stop at the (temporary) end of the Waterfront Trail, a few riders split off  and the rest of us continued into the city via Third Street. On Cayuga Street, several other riders split off for home and three of us followed Buffalo Street back to Cass Park.

Approximate route

It really was a gift of a day — the temperature reached 50 and there was almost no wind. Of course, there will be winter days when we’d rather not be biking; but, still, it’s a city where days like this come at least a few times through the cold seasons, days when we can remind ourselves of what a beautiful place we live in.

— until the next such day!


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Your ideal “everyday wheels”

December 2nd, 2010 Andrejs Posted in News No Comments »

This is a request from a friend of a friend of a friend — if you ride your bike for everyday purposes or are thinking about it, please help out by taking part in the short survey. Go to SURVEY Read the rest of this entry »

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Judd Falls Rd changes

December 2nd, 2010 Andrejs Posted in News No Comments »

The county will be holding a second public meeting about the proposed project to improve bike and pedestrian safety along Judd Falls Rd., between East Hill Plaza and Rt. 366. The meeting will be on Monday, December 20 at 5:45, at Trinity Lutheran Church on Honness Lane. Read the rest of this entry »

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Action Alert — Bikes on Trains

November 6th, 2010 Andrejs Posted in Advocacy, News 1 Comment »

Please check out the info and, then, make sure your government representatives and planners know you are interested. If, as I expect, you would like to be able to bring your bike with you when you take a vacation rail trip, you have to act now — or else the facilities for loading that bike will not be included in the plan. (printable PDF: Bike-Train Action Alert)

Action Alert for Bicycle Carriage Facilities on Trains!

NY State DOT Schedules High Speed Rail Initiative Meetings

The New York Bicycling Coalition urges all bicyclists and bicycle club advocacy/government chairs, to attend the forthcoming NYS Dep’t of Transportation High Speed Rail Initiative: Empire Corridor scoping meetings. Bicyclists should attend and speak out at these meetings for improved bicycle carriage on high speed rail and conventional speed rail passenger rail trains and facilities. Bicyclists must present the following requests for better bicycle carriage service in writing (email AND hard copy) even if they attend and speak at the meetings. Read the rest of this entry »

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Symposium — November 18-20

November 1st, 2010 Andrejs Posted in Bike Ed, News No Comments »

Join us in Ithaca November 18-20 for
MOVING FORWARD – An Active Transportation Symposium

MOVING FORWARD is a three-day opportunity to engage with national experts and fellow students and community members around innovations in bicycle and pedestrian planning, design, research, and advocacy.

MOVING FORWARD: An Active Transportation Symposium
Thursday, Friday and Saturday – November 18-20.
Event locations on Cornell’s campus and in downtown Ithaca
Speakers: Mia Birk, Jennifer Dill, and Joe Kurmaskie

All events are free and open to all in the community – residents, students, faculty, planners, transportation advocates and public officials. Come, learn, and contribute to the discussion.

RSVP online for door prize raffle (Arkel bike bags) and Friday afternoon food (RSVP not required by appreciated)

RSVP Links:

Read the rest of this entry »

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