The Bioneers are in town

October 18th, 2009 Andrejs Posted in Events No Comments »

logoxThe Bioneers is an organization that’s trying to bring widespread awareness and action to our most pressing environmental issues. “Bioneers is inspiring a shift to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other and future generations.” And, this weekend, the Bioneers are in Ithaca coordinating activities with the main 2009 Conference in San Rafael, California.  Most of the Ithaca events are taking place at Ithaca College, but there will be some festivities — music, big-group photo, exhibits —  on the Commons at noon and bikeithaca is going to join them with an info table. We’ll just have some bike safety tips, info on bikeithaca, an invitation to try cycle touring from the FLCC, some high-vis safety vests, and whatever else seems appropriate to promote the most appropriate of transportation modes. I hope to see some familiar faces down there noon-2:00 pm.

The handouts are also here as PDFs:  Explore the World by BicycleCycling Classes

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Antique Bicycle Display and Lecture

September 18th, 2009 Steve Powell Posted in Events No Comments »

high wheel

The History of Early Bicycles by Donna Scott

October 6, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

(6:30 pm light refreshments)

400 Riley Robb Hall at Cornell University

This interactive presentation is suitable for the entire family, and is free and open to the public.  Sponsored by The Cornell Local Roads Program, Cornell Department of Transportation & Mail Services, and BikeIthaca.Org .  For more information visit Read the rest of this entry »

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Earth Hour Night Ride 2009

March 30th, 2009 Andrejs Posted in Earth Hour, Events 1 Comment »

Earth Hour Night Ride 2009, sure to become a favorite tradition, Ithaca’s first Earth Hour Night Ride went off without a hitch last Saturday evening. Weather forecasts had been a bit ominous, predicting arrival of rain toward nightfall. Instead, we had a beautiful spring evening with temperatures around 60F and no wind.

People began arriving at the parking lot next to the Cass Park Turtle around 8:00 pm and by half past we had a dozen and a half cyclists ready to go. It was nice to see Jennifer Dotson at another of our events — I think she represents Ithaca’s first ward and all of Ithaca’s cyclists on Common Council. It was gratifying to see that everyone actually had equipment for night riding. Brenda Smith and her son, Jordan, spent some of our socializing time getting brand new lights attached to their bikes.

At around 8:30, two headlights glided into the parking area from the north to join our Night Ride: it was Juan Salazar and Jamie Gartenberg, just at that moment completing their ride of over 200 miles that they had begun at 4:00 that morning.

With the total of 19 participants, we then proceeded on our formal circumnavigation of the Cayuga Waterfront Trail in the park. It really was a magical evening with so many bicycle lights gliding along next to the water. Though it was Earth Hour and we were observing a time to turn off lights, there was the usual twinkle of Ithaca reflecting in the water of the Inlet.

After completing our loop, most of the participants continued out of the park and about a dozen headed down Martin Luther King Jr. Street toward the Commons. After walking the length of the Commons with our bikes, we found a welcome at College Town Bagels — Juan and Jamie finally could have the coffee they had been desperately needing.

The group finally dispersed after ten o’clock, resolving to repeat the event next year.

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Earth Hour Night Ride

March 23rd, 2009 Andrejs Posted in Earth Hour, Events 2 Comments »

VOTE EARTH Saturday, March 28, people around the world will be observing Earth Hour by turning their lights and other electric gadgets off for one hour. There are over 2,000 cities and towns in 80-some countries committed to this symbolic gesture of concern for the Earth. The event is put on by the World Wildlife Federation.

In Ithaca, some of us will turn off our lights (and leave our cars) at home and go for a bike ride — the Earth Hour Night Ride around the Waterfront Trail in Cass Park. This will be a leisurely meander along the path, suitable for everyone from young children to old-timers, the confident and faltering alike. Enough of us will have bright headlights and rear blinkies so that even those with no lighting equipment will be able to see well enough. And there will even be a few extra “emergency headlights” to hand out to early arrivals who need them.

    • When: Saturday, March 28, 8:00 pm
    • Where: Cass Park, next to the children’s Turtle
    • Who: Everyone with a bike of any kind, and even no bike — come for a walk.
    • Why: Show our concern for our world and have some fun being together

After the loop around the park (about 2 miles) those with adequate lights for street-safe and street-legal travel will ride together to the commons and find some refreshment with which to congratulate ourselves. Read the rest of this entry »

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Events for Kids

February 22nd, 2009 Andrejs Posted in Events No Comments »

How can we get Ithaca started with its own “Kidical Mass” rides — like they have in Eugene, Oregon (where the photo was taken).

We have a number of suitably safe neighborhoods where it could take place and, I think, lots of parents who would be happy for an opportunity to expose their kids to a bike-oriented social occasion.

As the FAQ emphatically states, the similarity of “Kidical” to “Critical” is a joke and the rides are not like Critical Mass rides — they obey the law and ride in a safe and orderly way. The object is first to set a safe and responsible example for kids and only secondarily to further purposes of publicity or persuasion.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Info Event

February 22nd, 2009 Andrejs Posted in Bike Ed, Events No Comments »

Well, we came, we were seen, and no doubt we conquered a few of the hundreds of people on their way from one chili vendor to the next. It turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny day rather than the forbidding chance of snow of the forecast — just a bit cold to be standing around for a long time. Juan Salazar remarked that it was a lot colder standing there than accumulating icicles going over snowy mountains. Helping out at the table were Juan, Brenda Smith, Mary Bouchard, Robbert van Renesse, Jennifer Dotson, and Jeff Bateman; thanks also to Glenn Swan for lending us his folding canopy — fortunately we didn’t need it to protect us from precipitation this time.
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Upcoming Biking Courses

February 20th, 2009 Andrejs Posted in Events No Comments »

The excellent courses created by the League of Ametican Bicyclists for cyclists of all levels are being taught in our area again beginning in April. If you are uneasy riding on the streets, uncertain of your riding or mechanical skills, or new to cycling, these courses are a terrific way to get more comfortable with biking. Even if you’re an experienced cyclist — time and again old-time cyclists who take the course exclaim that it changed the way the feel about riding (for the better). We are really fortunate to have these courses offered in a community as small as this; do check them out.

Continue for details. Read the rest of this entry »

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